Friday, February 4, 2011

2010 In Pictures (Part 1 of 2)

Start from the bottom. These are some photos representing the first half of 2010, for me.

Fire at Mullholland Dr. and the 405 in L.A.

Keenan editing "More Than It Is" in L.A.

Joe (Ben's dog) is an incredible dog.

Shooting a cooking show in L.A.

I rented a Smart car.

One of my favorite foods.

Staying at a beach house in Manhattan Beach.

Arnold Palmer gave me an Arnold Palmer!

Shooting with Arnold Palmer.

Pittsburgh, PA.

I did not eat this.

Shooting something with Jonathan in L.A.

Riding the cable car with Ben in San Fransisco.

Paul McCartney in San Fransisco.

The Redwoods! I lost an entire roll of film from here.

San Fransisco.

Back in L.A. - House party at Jonathan's in Los Feliz.

I really enjoyed eating with my family in 2010.

Golf with my dad.

Taco Loco in Dallas (Deep Ellum), they have incredible, home-made tortillas.

One of the first photos I took with my first DSLRs.

My brother bought a viking sword.

That "Patagonia" thing is the case for my e-book.

After 20 hours of driving.

Not what you want to see when you've had to pee for an hour.

My car is loud, I listened to a lot of podcasts and sermons on the 24 hour drive.

All the food for my drive from L.A. to Dallas.
I ate it all on the first day of a 2 day drive.

I really liked this ring in 2010.

Hanging out in a park in L.A.

Travis and Delaine's son Sy. Awesome kid.

I'm not taking this because I think I look good.
I pinched a nerve in my neck and couldn't turn my head.

A lot of this happened in 2010.

Laguna Beach, CA.

Emily's home-made kitchen.

Los Angeles.

North of Las Angeles, flying into Burbank.

Always amazed at the honesty of Americans.

Working in Austin's home-office in Fort Worth, TX.

Home-made teleprompter.

Blake, lighting a green-screen shoot in Fort Worth, TX for me.

My friend Sara on her 3oth birthday in Dallas.

My grandma Kay in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

My grandpa Aaron, mug-shot in a German prison-camp during WW II.
He was a pilot and was shot down over Germany.

My grandfather's footlocker, from World War II.

My cousin Nathan. Visiting my family in Minneapolis, MN.

Getting a free haircut on the steps in L.A.

Travis and Delaine's dog, Wally.

Stopping by the Grand Canyon on the way to L.A.

Seeing my best-friend Ben on the set of "Thor" in Santa Fe.

Mural on an independent bookstore in Austin.

My great grand-parents. Anton is my namesake.

Laying out on a warm Texas-Winter day.

Finally, I got to work with them.

My new niece Ellie-Jo.

Many to-do lists.

I jumped off of this.

We spent the weekend at a friend's ranch in the Texas hill country.

Where native Americans milled grain a thousand years ago, San Saba, TX.

Getting the LLC for Deliberate Industries.

Beautiful January at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. Bad day for allergies.

I really enjoyed having coffee with my brother in 2010.

The Dallas Symphony.

Editing "More Than It Is" at home.

The Modern (art museum) Fort Worth.

Korean Karaoke, in Dallas.

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