Monday, February 7, 2011

2010 In Pictures (Part 2 of 2)

Start from the bottom.
2010 was a great year!

Amber's champagne saber on New Years.

My beautiful niece Ellie.

My dad looking fit in '78.

My mom, Pregnant with my brother in Hawaii in '78.

I gave money for Christmas.

Christmas card I made for Kyle.

Shooting for Austin.

Crowd at the screening of "More Than It Is."

More Than It Is on the big screen.

More Than It Is screened at The Magnolia theater in Dallas, Texas.

My camera got kicked over and my brand new $1,300 lens was shattered.

Filming a GRO show at the Aardvark in Fort Worth, Texas.

Sam lost a bet, too complicated a story to tell in one sentence.

Phone booth in a restaurant in Greenwood, Mississippi.

Fashion shoot with Sara Kerens.

Austin's dog Fable, on the way to a fashion shoot.

My parents, via the 90's.

Ben's Chili Bowl.

The Rally to Restore Sanity. Washington D.C.

Line at Starbucks before "The Rally To Restore Sanity".

Congressman Ron Paul's office.

Washington D.C.

Josh in Washington D.C. - the night before The Rally To Restore Sanity.

Shelltober, celebrating my business manager, Shelley's, birthday-month. Dallas, Texas.

Shooting for Sequoia Equities in Walnut Creek, CA.

Matt and Rachel, Sam and Amber - boots and denim in Dallas, Texas.

Shooting a series of music videos for Green River Ordinance, in Dallas, Texas.

Shooting with graffiti artists for

In Sandy Key, South Carolina for a wedding.

Ed - Art Department. I really like this guy.

Finishing the edit of my short film "More Than It Is" - edited by Keenan Hiett.

Joe is a happy dog, even though he looks depressed. I love him.

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