Friday, December 31, 2010

Heading to Bolivia January 6th 2011 - A Financial Summary

I'm heading to Bolivia with just over $800 in my bank account, about $5,000 in credit card debt, spread over 3 cards and no scheduled [paid] work in 2011. I think I have $2,200 in payment owed for some videos I directed in December 2010, so all hope isn't lost, but I have to come up with $1,000 each month to cover my student loans and car payment, so basically, if that money doesn't come through, I wont be able to pay my bills in January.

My mom came over and handed me a note the day before Christmas (I'm 27 and currently living in my parents house, you see), that said that I owed her $3,952 for my car insurance, cell phone and health insurance from 2010 and I still owed the same amount from 2009. So on top of credit card debt, I'm in debt to my mom for the total of $8,000. I still owe around $50,000 on my TCU tuition (graduated in 2004), after paying $600 each month for the last 5 years.

Once again, no resolutions here. I'm a servant of God and I work hard. Although life has been tough, I can still look back, and look at the present, and feel undeservedly blessed. Life has been and will continue to be awesome until my dying breath. I believe that and I live that way.

I do hope to one day make a surplus, but even that, I will give away.

Not A Resolution, A Fact

I'm going to increase my blog and web presence in 2011. I miss it and good things came from it when I was really active 2006-2009. Comin' back atchoo. Atchoo? Bless me.